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Breaking the Ice

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in? Tell us how you got involved — or why you don’t get involved.


Let me just say that I think the actual challenge is just wasteful. I donated money for the cause. I also saved water. Win-win. My mom’s family lives in a third world country and I remember traveling there and seeing how scarce water was. So, yes, I did not partake in the challenge.


I am a victim of bullying and I really want to be part of an organization that supports anti-bullying. Teach seminars and have actual experiments to teach others not to hate, discriminate, and call hurtful names. I want to lead a world of love and peace. Learning how…


One comment on “Anti-Bullying

  1. psychologistmimi
    October 20, 2014

    definitely more needs to be done around bullying.

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