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BFFs for a moment…

On Bees and Efs

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).


I’ve had my share of close friends and whatnot.


My first BFF was A. She is not my BFF today, just my childhood best friend. We drifted apart once we started college, and now she is getting married and chose her current BFF as her maid of honor. I was not angry nor sad, but it was a remainder that we are no longer BFFs, just have many memories of being close together during our childhood.


My second was SAB- in elementary. She is Jewish and loved her very much. Because I immersed myself, I to this day quite lot about the Jewish culture (go ahead, ask me). She was Armenian by association and I was Jewish by association (as we labeled ourselves lol)  I really miss her actually. She moved to SF and the last time I saw her was in 2010…


My next I met in 8th grade. We had the same classes only in 8th grade. Then we were separated for the next four years… then again in 4 years… right after college, she got married (like literally a week after LOL) I always admired her perseverance and sweet personality. But what does she do? Move to freakin Florida (no offense, Florida).


Then, my last, but not least- AH. We met in college! Then she transferred to LA… is there a pattern you see? My BFFs all move away from me or just have always leave far… while I am still… here. Same place we all met before. Still the “local” and still trying to figure what is my “five year plan.” Maybe if employers start hiring me instead of wasting my time with these incessant interviews, I can finally put the pieces together on that. I’m tired of being the local and want to start exploring. And actually visit my friends (No money)


I miss you all- AS, SAB, SMBB, & AH


Well, I am off to having my surgery today… write to you all sooon





2 comments on “BFFs for a moment…

  1. davidfetzer6271951
    July 25, 2014

    Praying for a successful surgery.

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