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Writing 101, Day Nine: Changing Moccasins — Point of View

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.


I love going to the park, especially during a summer night or a breezy autumn day… Here it goes (using the prompt given)


A dear couple, simultaneously holding hands and strolling through together the park on an breezy October day, discuss recent events. The man has been talking about visiting sweet motherland for a couple months now; it has been 24 years since he has left his homeland. The wife is supportive of his idea of visiting alone, since she must take over both responsibilities. All he is thinking of what he has missed in two decades. Left and given up to provide a better life for his family. In a few days, he will be reunited with his past once again. They come across an old woman knitting. He breaks down in tears, being reminded the reason he wanted to visit after all these years: his mother is dying.

On this breezy Autumn day, an old woman was finally spending her day off in the park. She had her needles and ball of yarn, finally getting to complete her knitting project. She had learned a few days prior her oldest granddaughter was expecting. Overjoyed, she decided to take the week to plan a celebration party for her at the end of the week. Working for many, many years as a secretary for a school psychologist, this was the first time in years she had take a couple personal days. The old woman was getting frustrated as she knitted. This was not her specialty. Start, stop, start, begin again. Repeat. Knitting a scarf, beanie, mittens and blanket sure looked easy, but she was determined to make it look fabulous. As a couple walked by her, her mittens were finally coming together. Ahhh, she sighed, she was happy she took those much needed personal days off.

The wife is happy. And a bit worried. Her husband is going back home. She wants to go home, too, with him. But she can’t just leave everything and go. This will be her chance to step up and prove that she can also be the head of the house. She will take care of the appointments, the kids, and still run the house and the business for a couple months. Feeling overwhelmed, she takes this opportunity to enjoy this Autumn day and holds tight to her husband’s hand. She sees an old woman knitting what appears to be baby size mittens. Precious, she smiles. But her husband cries. She embraces him, preventing him from falling to the ground.


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