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Late For Dinner

Modern Families

Okay, can I start off with how much I have said I wish I could meet my maternal grandfather?! MANY, MANY TIMES.

He was the first individual ever in our family to go to college, educate himself (teach himself to read, etc.), become this intellect, this amazing and well respected individual in society. I heard he was a strict but a sweet man. I wish I could meet him and tell him, “look! You inspired me! I am in graduate school!”  Did I mention his family was slaughtered in the Armenian Genocide? and he was an orphan… with nothing…


Okay, back to answering the question: I think what he would find most shocking is our love for watching sports (and many other stuff on tv lol) and that we have our conversations in English. I can see it now, him  getting upset and making us properly talk in our native language. My dad used to do it when I was younger (so I became fluent). I mean, my grandpa was an educator, so it would be really shocking for him. But I am sure he would just be happy and proud of us.


I mean, yeah. Technology would be a shocking revelation for him, but he would care more about us sticking to our culture and not acclimating to the dominant one lol. He would probably give us a history lesson (and maybe a language and grammar lesson, too).


That would be one interesting dinner.


And no, he would not be late for dinner. We would maybe lol.


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