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Going Obsolete

I miss my Nintendo.

I played an hour, maybe less… then spent all the rest of my hours outside running, playing, daydreaming, imagining…

Oh, wait. I never had a Nintendo, that was my cousin’s… but still we spent more time playing outside and today, we text, text, snap, snap, text… oye…


Hmm… can you already tell I am not tech savvy? LOL

I mean, I had an old typewriter that was awesome!!!! I loved the tap sounding, feeling so grown up using it. But I don’t know, all sorts of technologies seem to improve, making me not miss the stuff it the past… I have always been anti-tech. For example, spending hours in the library, reading texts, articles, and books, while my friends were on the web, surfing! I miss sending letters via snail mail to my friends loool



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This entry was posted on May 3, 2014 by in Daily Prompt.
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