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Blogging 201, Day Fourteen: Make the Most of Events

This is going to be fun! I always wanted to create my own special event!

Okay, since I love churros… well, first, let me do some research…

hmmm… so there isn’t an actual “National Churro Day” … just a few days in the calendar that have been planned by others…


Okay, I declare National Churro Day on December 10 because they are warm and delicious and should be consumed with hot cocoa or tea… mmm…


and …. *drum roll* …. National Rock Your Stilettos Day!!! Rock out in your favorite shoes!!! The day you bought those shoes you had been eyeing on for the longest time and well basically haven’t had an actual event to wear them! A day to feel special! Maybe you got sparkly bedazzled heels and they are still in your shoe closet. Wear them! Maybe you got those sexy Hugo Boss shoes that are tucked under your bed… wear them!! We also get to dress up today and feel confident. Our shoes are will take us any “wear!!”

Now, here is the best part- today we celebrate shoes by giving them away- flip flops, wedges, sneakers, of every size and color, to those in need! Boots to stay warm, sandals to keep warm… shoes are a necessity!


Okay, let’s make it happen!


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This entry was posted on April 28, 2014 by in Blogging 201 Challenge.
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