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Blogging 201, Day Thirteen: Marketing, Advertising, and Monetizing, Oh My!

Allright! I get to advertise my Ety shop! So, I run a shop on Etsy, it is prettttty exciting. I actually created a page on my blog for it ^^

Here are examples of what I create:

il_570xN.493485529_ke23 il_570xN.513263258_tozpNewborn booties!

20131220_112338  Any apron you want (also, character inspired!)

il_570xN.486129468_bzvm Bedazzled Ornaments!

il_570xN.487783091_jkbk Pearl (Chanel inspired) necklaces!

il_570xN.492765641_rkji il_570xN.503744609_q3dj Bedazzled pacifiers…

Check it out!!


Okay, so I will definitely look into this WordAds thing I like getting traffic!


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This entry was posted on April 27, 2014 by in Blogging 201 Challenge.
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