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Here is a Map of the World

The Daily Press-The Wanderer

Might be a cliche, but everywhere!!!

1. Rest of the US (Particularly, all of New York- my dream to go to New York. Been begging for years /: )

2. South America- Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile

3. Asia- Japan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India

4. Europe- France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, UK!, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland (everywhere)

5. Africa 🙂

Basically, I want to see everything and everyone. I have been to only one other state and Russia & Armenia… that’s it. And a cruise to Mexico. Yayy!  One day… and the food! Want to experiment that as well 😉



6 comments on “Here is a Map of the World

  1. afsheenanjum
    April 23, 2014

    May Allah fulfill all your dreams, ameen

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