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Blogging 201, Branding and Growth: Day Two

I have a confession: I am not very tech savvy 😦

So naturally, I want to change a few things on my blog- make it more appealing and all those cool buttons and whatnot.

I want to be able to display more of my fashion and beauty trends and ideas but am a bit clueless on making it look all fabulous…


Essentially, I want it to appear as positive and lovely as  I want my own life to be.

My generation looks at the younger generation and thinks “lazy, we spent hours playing outside because technology was whatever to us.” I remember playing Mario Party on Nintendo and thought was really cool, but I should be outside, interacting, playing, running. I remember the excitement of note passing during class or getting a call in the morning from my friend before school. Now all this technology and I feel waaaay behind. I began watching tutorials and obtaining as much information as I can get to bedazzle my blog. Still working on it… All this editing and computer lingo is frustrating, for example, I want to expand the main page and change the font- not so simple for me lol

I know what can be helpful- “bedazzling” it !!!!

but I love my main header picture- mah shoes! I love shoes lol

I chose Stiletto Rockstar because Stiletto was my nickname in high school, not sure why… lol And Rockstar because I love rock music (all kinds of music) and I feel like a rockstar sometimes because of my incessant energy. Professor because I am an educator (at least one day teaching full time ❤ )

I think I am at a good start with showcasing my brand and who I am. I am not completely anonymous because I want everyone to know that this is the real me and I am here on a mission and to inspire.

I thought making it dark would look elegant and classy- but maybe I was wrong…

One thing I want to capture an individual’s attention is my true self and my inner beauty. I think I need to brighten my page and add more “sunshine”  … I think I will do that now!!!! lol





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