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Blogging 201: Day One

This is super exciting! But will I make it? Today’s challenge is to express my three main goals. Yayyyy!


1) Of course, I want to obtain a lot of followers to inspire them and be inspired. I cannot travel at the moment but I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, learning about their lives and different cultures. I like extending my knowledge and experiences vicariously through others. I love reading and communicating and having a blog can help me accomplish that. I love writing and have written so many stories, memoirs, comedies, plays and poems but never had anyone else read them. I plan to publish them for the enjoyment of others.

2) It has always been a dream of mine to work in the fashion and beauty world. Whether it is writing, running, photography- I just love it! In elementary, I loved drawing and creating new ideas for clothes, accessories, crafts, anything! I wish I could work at a high end fashion or beauty company and know I can succeed. I am the most punctual and diligent person I know- just got to get there… so this is my start, my journey. I have worked and volunteered for many organizations and places in my community because I love helping others. It feels so good! I want to be known out there as a positive role model and a creative individual thousands go to for inspiration, ideas, or just small advice.

3) I love to inspire people and, of course, make them smile and laugh. I went through a horrible dark period last year and am doing a whole lot better (I still have my moments- but am improving!) and my self-esteem plummeted. I was just in a terrible place that no one could really help me. Months later, as I am working on myself, I began posting Disney (or any character/celebrity) inspired outfits. I saw myself in these images and realized that I am a better and bigger person. I want to inspire others struggling with the same or similar problems I was (still kinda :/) My last job made me miserable because I was working in a hostile environment- my coworkers were just terrible towards me. I could not get out because I needed the money, so along with what I was going through, and a dose of crazy from my evil work environment, I was not happy. After I left, I decided to start a blog, and possibly network and of course, encourage others to not be in the same position I was. I was bullied as a kid and having to go through that process again as an adult from other adults (although they acted like six graders) made me upset. I want to help others fight back and stay strong. I consider Stephen King one of my inspiration (not because of his horror stories) but because he faced a significant amount of rejection and never gave up. I possibly receive rejection emails weekly, but I think of him and his perseverance and keep going. I want to strive and be happy in what I do, not suffer from others’ horribly treating me.




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  1. crownedego
    April 15, 2014


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