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Daily Prompt- Third Rate Romance

My funniest relationship disaster moment?


I would not call it an actual “relationship” but on my second date with this guy (I met a few days prior at a wedding) we saw Black Swan.

Most. Awkward. Date. Ever.

It was funny and disastrous lol

I barely know this guy and we both come from respectable families, so imagine watching this very graphic, very RAW and visceral film. He kept covering my eyes during those… *ahem* moments.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought Black Swan was a great film (I actually did a research paper about the movie) but this was just so terrible! Sadly, he never texted me after our date (neither did I- I was so mortified lol)

That particular scene with Natalie Portman “waking” up while her mom is sleeping in her room… I felt my face burn up and could sense my poor date, too. I give that film 5 stars and an “uh oh” moment. Needless to say, I never go to the movies with dates anymore lol.



This short story was inspired by the daily prompt – third rate romance


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